"Someone Else's Window"

 Gypsies in Cyberspace

Well, another Gypsies in Cyberspace collection is "in the can".

The Gypsies have always been about change and evolution, and this new release is no exception. After three years and two previous CDs, we've bid a fond farewell to three of our original members...Chris, Andy and Gil...as they've moved on to pursue their own musical aspirations. Much to our delight, Gil stayed around long enough to join us for several tracks on "Someone Else's Window" and Chris agreed to add some of his signature guitar licks to "Saturday Night". Thanks, guys, Only the best to you, in your future endeavors.

It seems somehow appropriate that the two of us, Kev and Jack, now comprise the musical core of the Gypsies. Gypsies in Cyberspace, the group, began coalescing in early 2009, when we first collaborated on Kev's song, "Keep Love in Your Heart", for the Peace Partners project...not an easy task when one of us (Kev) lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and the other (Jack) calls Northern Kentucky, in the good ol' U.S. of A., home. In many ways, "Someone Else's Window" represents a return our roots, with three years of friendship and shared musical experience to build upon.

As it has since that initial collaboration, modern technology played a major role in our being able to pull together these songs. We have yet to meet, in person; hence, the continuing presence of the "in Cyberspace" qualifier within our name. Virtually all of the music on this CD was created on-line, exchanging ideas and files over the Internet. That's pretty much the only option available for two musicians, when an ocean separates them. But, hey, it works! And as Yogi Berra once said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

This time around, our digital circle expanded to Italy, where Lorenzo Declich and Alessandra De Luca graciously recorded their contributions to "Fog of War". Grazie, amici.

Closer to home, we somehow finagled four "real-life" friends and, in one instance, family, into contributing their time and talents to our creative efforts, as well.

Jim Gaines and Rick Marksberry provided the instrumental "twang" we needed to musically season Kev's country-flavored title track, "Someone Else's Window", complemented by Ron Baumgartner's dynamic drumming. Thanks, guys. We owe ya one...or two.

Finally, Jack's son, Jason, surprised his "old man" by adding the perfect guitar lead to "Jenny Tried" -- the surprise factor being that he commandeered Jack's basement studio late one night and recorded it while Mr. Nimersheim, the elder, slept, oblivious to what was transpiring two floors below him. Welcome to the Gypsies' musical family, Mr. N, the younger.

And there you have it, the inside scoop on "Someone Else's Window". All that remains is for you to sit back, crank up the ol' earbuds, headphones or speakers...and enjoy...

Kev & Jack
Da Gypsies
December, 2011

Gypsies in Cyberspace:
   Kevin Sweeney: guitar, bass, vocals
   Jack Nimersheim: guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals

Special thanks to...
   Jimmy Gaines - pedal steel guitar (track 1)
   Rick Marksberry - banjo/mandolin - (track 1
   Ron Baumgartner - drums (track 1)
   Jason Nimersheim - lead guitar (track 2)
   Gil Wayne - keyboards, sitar, drums (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6 & 9)
   Chris Nurse - guitar (track 6)    Lorenzo Declich - bass, guitar, keyboards, drums (track 8)
   Alessandra De Luca - background vocals (track 8)
   W.B. Yeats - inspiration (track 3)

Produced by Jack Nimersheim

All songs © 2011, SweeNims Music, except
"Fog of War" © 2009, Jack Nimersheim & Lorenzo Declich

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"Someone Else's Window" by Gypsies in Cyberspace is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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