"Time of Parting"
(The Basement Songs)

 Jack Nimersheim

Yeah, these really are "basement songs". Thanks to modern technology, I recently set up a recording studio in my (wait for it) basement...a musical man-cave, if you will.

That's pretty amazing, when you think about it. For just a couple thousand dollars, I was able to gather together everything I needed to start recording, mixing and mastering professional-quality tracks, without leaving the comfort of my own home. Once upon a time, not that long ago, this would have cost a couple hundred grand. Ain't technology grand?

And so, I started recording what ultimately turned into a "theme" album about the evolution of love -- from its seemingly serendipitous beginnings to its, all too often, inevitable end.

Several friends and a family member helped out, along the way.

De Stewart, a long-time friend and former bandmate, sings the harmony on "Time of Parting". De and I hadn't harmonized with each other in over a decade. Then, I called him up one day and asked if he'd be interested in laying down a vocal track for a new song I'd written. He was...and he did. It was great, hearing De's pristine voice on one of my songs, after so many years. Thanks, li'l buddy.

Another former bandmate, Ron Baumgartner, contributed a couple of his usual dead-on drum tracks to "No Warning" and "Beautiful Sound". You da man, RB!

Kevin Sweeney and I were first introduced to each other, on-line, in 2009. We've remained on-line friends ever since. More than that, we also became on-line collaborators, having recorded several albums as the virtual band, Gypsies in Cyberspace. The "virtual" portion of that description is mandated by the fact that Kevin lives in Glasgow, Scotland, an ocean away from my old Kentucky home. Someday, Kev and I will meet, in person. Really. This will happen...someday. Those are Kev's amazing vocal harmonies, drifting through "No Warning".

Those are the friends.

And, then, there's that aforementioned family member.

What can I say about my son, Jason, without coming off like an overly indulgent father...which, by the way, I am? He's an actual rocket scientist. Really! In his "day job", Jason works for SpaceX, designing and testing rocket engine for this prominent California aerospace company. He's also one heck of a polite and considerate kid. (Okay, young adult, now. But he'll always be my "kid".) As if all this weren't enough, he also managed to inherit some of his old man's musical skills and interests. He and I co-wrote "Beautiful Sound", on which he plays guitar and trumpet.

Could I be more proud of this kid...er...young man? In a word, no.

And there you have it...the story behind the basement songs. None of the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.


Jack Nimersheim
Ft. Mitchell, KY
June, 2012

p.s. The narrative behind "Time of Parting" is a work of fiction. Thirty-five years after meeting one another (reference: "No Warning"), my wife, Susan...the amazing mother of the previously praised Jason...and I are still going strong. Some stories do have happy endings.

Jack Nimersheim - guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals

Special thanks to...
De Stewart - vocals (track 1)
Kevin Sweeney - vocals (track 2)
Ron Baumgartner - drums (tracks 2 & 3)
Jason Nimersheim - guitar, trumpet (track 3)

Produced by Jack Nimersheim

All songs, 2007 - 2012, Jack Nimersheim, except...
"Beautiful Sound", 2009, Jason & Jack Nimersheim

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