"Mad Bad World"

     Gypsies in Cyberspace

The Gypsies are back...for the first time!!

Okay. That may sound a bit strange. Perhaps we should explain.

Technically, this is the 2nd musical offering from Gypsies in Cyberspace, a "virtual" band whose members initially encountered one another in 2009, while contributing to a number of songs associated with the Peace Partners project.

Our first on-line collection, the eponymous "Gypsies in Cyberspace", gathered together in one place those early collaborations. And while they're all damn good songs...made all the more amazing by the fact that, like this new collection, each was written, recorded, mixed and mastered exclusively over the Internet...they're more representative of a "pre-Gypsies" era, creatively, than the music we're making now, which we feel establishes a distinct Gypsies' style and sound.

The songs on this page came together after the five of us realized that the musical bond we shared transcended our geographic separation...and officially formed Gypsies in Cyberspace.

We're still spread out across three continents, and we still write and record exclusively through on-line collaborations. We've still not met, in person. It's quite possible we never will. We will, however, continue to make music together. Of that we're certain.

As proof of this, we offer you our premier CD, "Mad Bad World". We tried to stretch our creative muscles on this one, experimenting with different musical styles and studio techniques, pursuing that unique Gypsies' "sound" alluded to earlier.

Were we successful in our efforts? In the end, that's for you to decide. We do know we had a heck of a lot of fun, putting together the ten songs on this CD.

Now they're finished, and it's time to share them with you.


"Da Gypsies"
March, 2011

Gypsies in Cyberspace
  Kevin Sweeney (Scotland) - guitar, bass, vocals
  Gil Wayne (USA) - guitar, keyboards, drums
  Chris Nurse (Australia) - guitar, bass, keyboards
  Andy McGinty (Scotland) - guitar, bass, vocals
  Jack Nimersheim (USA) - guitar, mandolin, keyboards, accordion, bass, drums, vocals

Special thanks to...
  Gypsy alum, Paul Feia - slide guitar, bass (track 1)

Produced by Jack Nimersheim

All Songs Gypsies Music, 2011

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